How Cork Footbed Sandals Promote Foot Health on ethemshoes.comWhat designers consent to make stylish often cause as much harm to our feet as it does to our pocketbook. It’s wise to spend as much time as possible being barefoot, and cork footbed sandals are as close as you can get.


A love for stylish shoes may make you more than a slave to fashion. What designers consent to make stylish often cause as much harm to our feet as it does to our pocketbook. Men are not immune to this, although they’re probably thankful they get to pass on the high heels.


What you might find surprising is that it's not just dressed shoes that can cause harm to our feet. Everything from comfortable loafers to supposedly healthy athletic shoes carry some risk. Few of us are in a position to do away with wearing shoes, but it’s wise to spend as much time as possible being barefoot. Here’s why:


 The result of your relationship with shoes

• Ouch! The shape of most modern shoes contributes to conditions ranging from shin splints and tendonitis to plantar fasciitis. These conditions are characterized by intense and chronic pain. Other bothersome foot conditions like hammertoe, corns, and bunions were almost impossible to find before we took to making shoes as a fashion statement.

• Oops! If you have a set of healthy feet, you should be able to spread apart your toes much like you can with your fingers. Our toes are crucial for balance and stability. Wearing shoes often forces our toes together. This diminishes your ability to distribute your weight or use your toes for balance. What’s more, this constant “toe squishing” by our shoes can – over time – cause us to lose one full shoe size.

• Heel striker! Nearly all styles of shoes feature an elevated heel. Even the quarter-inch lift on a pair of casual loafers interferes with your posture. Your weight is pushed forward onto the balls of your feet. Your hips are moved forward. Your lower back is over-extended. This transforms you into what’s known as a “heel striker.” The lift in the heel is compensated by cushioning that encourages you to take wide strides and land with most of your weight on the heels. The impact radiates up your knees, hips, and spine, all the way up to your neck.

Undoing the damage of the modern shoe

Not wearing shoes is the best answer. It’s also probably the most improbable answer. There is an alternative. Look for shoes that offer your feet protection without making them conform to unhealthy positions.


One option is a pair of stylish sandals with cork footbeds. Cork footbeds are lightweight and odor-resistant. Their form-fitting nature offers excellent health benefits. Cork is a natural substance that has the amazing ability to mold to the shape of your foot. It’s like having an orthotic professional create a custom pair of shoes just for you. Others might be able to wear them if you share the same shoe size, but they won’t find them comfortable. With continued wear, your cork footbed sandals will completely customize themselves to your feet, offering superior forefoot and arch support.


This unique shape allows you to walk naturally. The cork footbeds support proper weight distribution. Your posture and balance improve. The elastic nature of the cork is excellent at absorbing the shock to your joints – even though they’ll already help to be less of a “heel striker.”


Cork floats. It repels water. Materials that do this are known as hydrophobic. In fact, it’s practically impermeable to all liquids and gasses. Foot odor is caused by bacteria living in the moisture inside your shoes. Cork’s hydrophobic characteristics prevent this.


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