The classic cork footbed sandal has seen an increase in popularity as brands turn to this comfort technology to develop modern styles that look and feel good.

The classic cork footbed sandal has seen an increase in popularity as brands turn to this comfort technology to develop modern styles that look and feel good.


Cork footbed sandals are becoming increasingly popular as consumers seek out products that not only stylish and comfortable, but also friendly for the environment. Have you ever wondered where the cork comes from, or what makes it a safe and healthy material to make quality footwear out of?


Cork shoes are not only fashionable, they’re also good for the planet, your feet, and your legs. We’re going to take you through some facts about cork footbed sandals that you might not have ever considered. You’ve likely seen cork used as a wine bottle stopper or an office bulletin board, but what about under your feet?

1. All natural & from a renewable source

The cork oak tree is native to Portugal, Spain, and North Africa. Natural cork is unique in that it is naturally buoyant and elastic, and water and fire resistant.


A cork tree can live as long as 500 years and can be harvested every 9-12 years.

Not only is cork all natural and renewable, it’s also water resistant. This is why it’s the perfect material for wine corks (no leakages here) and the soles of shoes. You can walk through as many rainy days as you come across without risking the longevity of your cork-soled shoes and sandals.


If you’re worried about the environmental impact, you’ll be glad to know that cork forests promote biodiversity, providing habitats for a number of plant and animal species.

2. Form fitting & anatomically correct footbed

The nice thing about cork footbeds is that they’re versatile and easily mold into the natural shape of your foot. When cork is made into a footbed, it’s densely packed together to create a smooth material that’s comfortable to wear for long periods of time.


Cork footbeds and soles are natural, heat resistant, and long-wearing. In fact, the longer you wear them, the more comfortable they’ll be for you. This is because the natural heat from your feet helps the footbed mold to the shape of your foot. Not only does this increase the comfort of your shoe, it also creates an orthopedically correct sole for your foot. The risk of developing foot and ankle issues is minimized due to the extra support these soles provide.

3. Odor resistant

Tired of smelly shoes? Foot odor is typically caused by bacteria that thrive off of the moisture harbored in your shoe. Because cork is a naturally water resistant material, it does not absorb the moisture that comes from the natural sweating of your feet. Without moisture, odor causing bacteria cannot thrive, keeping your shoes and feet relatively odor-free without having to use harsh chemicals on your feet.

4. Low impact & kind to your knees

Cork gets another A+ for how comfortable and kind to our feet and knees it actually is. The fibrous material, when packed so closely together, develops a sort of elasticity. Because of this, when you walk, you’re feeling truly supported.


Having sandals that support your walk means that you can wear them for longer periods of time. The elasticity will cushion your step and cause less impact force to travel up your ankles, shins, and into your knees.


We’ve also mentioned how cork footbeds will eventually mold to the shape of your foot - meaning they will keep your foot in an orthopedically correct position, so there’s no twisting or unnecessary stress on any part of your foot allowing you to walk confidently and comfortably all day long.


If you’re on your feet for long periods of time, consider a pair of cork footbed sandals from ETHEM. Made in Spain with all natural cork and incredible comfort technology, our trendy styles are sure to have you looking and feeling great all day long.