European Fashion Trends Making an Appearance in the US This Summer9 European fashion trends the US needs to know


Do you ever feel like Europe is so far ahead with fashion? London fashion week, Paris fashion week. Milan is literally the center of the fashion world.


It seems like no matter where you walk in Europe, you’re encountering stylish women and men, decades ahead of what us Americans are wearing.


It doesn’t seem to matter what the trend is, the Europeans can pull it off effortlessly. They always look so flawless yet casual, like it was no bother at all to put together the most smashing outfit.


We’ve decided to look into what European style trends are coming for the summer and have put together a list of the hottest trends to come out of this seasons catwalk.


Glitter & sequins

Believe it or not, glitter and sequins are making quite the comeback. Sure, we’ve always loved a good bit of flash, but with entire ensembles being created out of shiny material, we have to say - we are in love.


Whether it’s the whole outfit, just a top, or a stylish pair of sandals, glitter and sequins are the hottest European trend for the summer. Even our European counterparts, Genuins, are getting on board.



This summer, creamy, light, and airy pastels are the trend.


Pairing mint with pale pink or sky blue with baby yellow to create color combinations that look delectable. You could actually wear an entire pastel outfit, right down to your sandals, and look 100 percent put together. We love these pink pastel platforms from Genuins.



Fringe and tassel are back, so channel your inner 70s flower child.


Think long, floaty waistcoats with even longer fringes trailing to your feet. Short dresses with a knee-length tassel. Or even a long dress, ending at your feet in tassels.


You might be thinking, but how can I pull these off in our American fashion scene? By being fashion forward. Embrace this trend coming out of Europe, and pair with a chunky boot or ultra high heel.


Bold color

Bold, bright colors are in this season. And we love them. There’s nothing quite as stunning as seeing a bright pink monochrome dress or pairing two stunning and bold colors together.


You might feel it’s too adventurous for you, but we guarantee that no matter where you are in the United States, you’ll be able to rock some bold clothes. If you’re not up for an entirely bold colored outfit, why not a pair of shockingly fuschia platform sandals with a plain black pantsuit?


Cinderella shoes

Inspired by Victoria Beckham’s daughter, a super shiny, metallic shoe is this seasons must-have. The instantly glam up any casual outfit yet look effortlessly fashionable. Who doesn’t want their feet to look stunning in such an easy way?


White soles

This is one of the biggest fashion trends coming out of Europe this summer. Wave goodbye to black soled sandals and say hello to the white sole.


This style of sandal has gained popularity and is now being touted as the queen amongst them. We agree they look much cleaner and fresher than a traditional black bottom. Love these ones from Genuins, too!

Mary Janes and cute straps

Mary Janes are back in style. It seems like all the fashion trends are taking inspiration from years gone by. This is one we can get on board with, we love the cute, no hassle look of MJs.


These pairs well with a cute ruffled sock, which, wouldn’t you know, is the trend as well.



Check patterns are so hot, and you can wear it as anything. What started as a total man trend with checked shirts has turned into a pattern for everyone.


From skirts, dresses, coats, and tops, all the way down to your feet. Sneakers, running shoes, dress shoes, and gorgeous chunky sandals – what more could you want? Imagine walking across the beach in these Genuine beauties.


Floral patterns

Lastly, we love that flower patterns that are coming back. Everything from delicate patterns you’d find on China right through to the busy patterns you’d see in a traditional country house.


It’s in fashion, and you can pair it with anything. Picture a floral top, pair of jean cut-offs, and these outrageously awesome floral platforms from Genuins.


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