Corkbed Sandals Complete Any Look14 ways to style cork footbed sandals

Corkbed sandals are not only comfortable, but they’re also trendy. Everyone is wearing them, and if they’re not, they want to. Our range sandals at ETHEM goes from traditional to ultra trendy.


No matter what kind of look you’re going for, the perfect pair of sandals completes it. Adding a pair of flat sandals transitions your high fashion look into something casual and comfortable to wear through the day. And pairing something more comfortable with sky-high platforms lets you look ready for the club at any second.


 Maxi dress

It’s easy to pair a maxi dress with a comfy pair of cork footbed sandals. When you wear a maxi dress, you’re looking for ultimate comfort. By wearing a pair of sandals that literally mold to your foot shape, you’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud.


We recommend a pair of flats with double straps, like the gorgeous Adams or Fond.


Mini Skirt and Floaty Blouse

When you’re wearing a mini skirt and floaty blouse, it’s easy to feel like you’re the trendiest girl walking down the street. This outfit combination can be complemented by pretty much any of our range of cork footbed sandals. Go platform to give your legs an added length or go flat to let your pegs speak for themselves.


We particularly recommend the Bangor or super trendy Marsala.


Skater dress

The flared skirt of a skater dress is so playful and flirty. You need a sandal to match that personality. We think a platform without heel or something as fun and sporty as your skater dress would be perfect.


Check out our range of Hawaii and Ham sandals that would be perfect.


Jeans and a sweater

Sandals are great to wear in cooler weather, too! They’ll still be incredibly comfortable and also give your warmer clothes a totally casual look. Best to go for a more traditional sandal with either straps or a toe stud.


We recommend the Bern or Clifton.


Boho skirt and tank top

Boho skirts are ultra trendy right now. The way they float around your legs, giving anyone a dreamy look. And when they’re a vibrant pattern, we think they’re best paired with a plain tank top and some extra long necklaces.


Pair your boho skirt with something comfy and chic like the Clyman or Cedar.


Shorts, tank top, and a cardigan or kimono

Wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top is the ultimate summer look. And if there’s a breeze, pairing it with a patterned cardigan or kimono is so trendy. We think a fun pair of sandals will complete this look.


Try out the Farm or Ferry from our range of foot healthy cork footbed sandals.


Shorts and a button-up shirt

Of course, you can wear shorts and a trendy button-up shirt for a different summer trend. Complete the look with a Panama hat and oversized purse to look ready to take on anything. When it comes to sandals, you’ll want something traditional and comfortable.


Try the Cedar or Adams range.


Skinny jeans and a stripey top

Skinny jeans still reign, queen, when it comes to long pants. Our favorite are ones that just reach the ankle and, even better, this style lets you show off your favorite sandals. Wear these jeans with a stripey or plain top and some sunglasses for the ultimate summer casual look.


Pair this look with something fun like the Farm or a bit more lowkey like the Hunter.


Fitted jogging pants

Jogging pants aren’t just for, well, jogging or lounging around the house anymore. Style has taken them to a new level with a fitted and tapered leg. While it might seem logical to wear them with high top sneakers, we think they look on fleek with sandals.

Try them on with the Harmony or Clyman.

Ripped jeans and a blazer

Ripped jeans are in style right now, no matter what style. Skinny, straight, and shorts – it doesn’t matter, rip them, and you’re straight up fashion. Wearing them with a plain tee and fitted blazer adds to the look.


Pair with the Clifton or Fond to complete your look.


Cut off jeans and a spaghetti strap

Wearing jeans that reach mid-calf is in, whether you’ve cut them off yourself, rolled them up, or they’re naturally Capri style. Matching these with a fancy spaghetti strap tank top gives you an ultra chic look.


Wear this look with the Fox or Bern.


Overalls or an overall dress

Bring back the ’80s with overalls. They come in all different styles now: long pants, shorts, and as a skirt so pick your poison. Wear a tube top, off the shoulder top, or just a tee to really make this a fun look.


Pair your overalls of choice with the Clear or the Farm.



A sundress is everything you want to wear on a hot summer’s day. Perfectly floaty, mid-thigh or knee length, and light, a sundress is so comfortable when it gets hot. We think adding flowers in your hair, and a pair of easy slip-on sandals or platforms will complete your look.


Why not try the Hawaii or Fox with your sundress?



Jumpsuits are definitely in fashion right now, especially when it comes to clubbing looks. Take comfort with you to dance the night away with a pair of platforms – to die for! And when we pair a trendy jumpsuit with a pair of sandals, it’s easily made more casual with flats for a daytime look.


Try it with the Vicenza or Clifton.


Our sandals come in a variety of high-fashion styles perfect for a night out, a day at work, or a walk on the beach. Visit our site to see all the styles we have to offer.