About us

ETHEM is an exclusive distributor of women’s fashion shoes produced in Europe. Our people travel the fashion capitals of the world, creating new products to bring to the North American markets. Michael Abrams, the CEO of the company, is a third generation manufacturer and distributor of quality fashion footwear.

The ETHEM team includes salespeople throughout the U.S. and two design teams based in Spain and Italy. We are working with several factories in Spain and Italy to produce contemporary fashion at reasonable prices.

Our newest partner from Spain is the brand ETHEM/Genuins producing 100% natural cork foot bed sandals anatomically designed for maximum comfort.

ETHEM shoes are available in over 100 quality retail outlets in the U.S. as well as several online sites. In addition, consumers can buy directly from our Miami warehouse through this site.

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All ETHEM/Genuins shoes are made by hand in the province of Alicante, Spain. The factories are owned and operated by a family with four generations of quality shoemaking expertise. In addition to fine craftsmanship the brand adds constant innovation in both design and manufacture. 250 experienced shoemakers produce over 1.5 million pair of genuine cork foot bed sandals per year following the standards set by the European ISO 9001 seal.

The company is not only concerned with providing an excellent product, but also with minimizing the environmental impact through the manufacturing process.

ETHEM is the exclusive distributor of the ETHEM/Genuin shoes in North America.

Michael G. Abrams